In Summary
  • This time, the fake news piggybacked on 411, the breaking news text message service ran by Capital FM.

This was unofficially Kenya Maize Week as the government’s intervention to reduce the cost of flour became a trending topic.

There were, and perhaps still are, many questions about the measures taken, the import of maize from Mexico, or is it Durban, and how millers were compelled to reduce the price. It was also fertile ground for fake news.

1. That Mexico has denied selling maize to Kenya and called President Uhuru Kenyatta a conman.

Classic fake news, this one had a website address that sounded genuine,, a genuine photograph of Mexican ambassador Erasmo Martinez.

It was spread through WhatsApp. But, it was easy to notice the ungrammatical English and the unusual phrasing.

The links to several websites with the usual clickbait about quick solutions to issues such as weight loss and diabetes were a dead giveaway.

It also attributed some rather crude language to a diplomat with the “conman” accusation.


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