“We must conquer this disease,” added the medic. The clerics were led by Kakamega Diocese Bishop Joseph Obanyi, who said they are concerned over high rate of HIV among Kenyans.

“The church has its doctrines of what it teaches and it is the greatest advocator fighting against AIDs but the use of condoms is not part of the agenda of the church. The church is at the front line to see how we can reduce the spread of the disease,” Bishop Obanyi said.

He said the church will continue to teach the doctrine of abstinence.

“We have ways of reducing high rate of Aids infections and condoms are not part of it. We sensitise our people to see the need for testing so that they can know their status. The church is a body of doctrines, it teaches, what is right and wrong,” added the bishop.

He noted condom is not the only mechanism used to prevent infection.

“Condom is not part of moral teaching and therefore, the church can never advocate for things that are not moral,” the bishop said.

On discordant couple, Bishop Obanyi said the church has ways of counselling the families to live a moral life.

According to the bishops, Catholic church has about 500 health facilities and 22 medical training colleges.

The National Aids Control Council recently indicated that more than a million people are on anti-retroviral therapy as the population of persons living with HIV stand at 1.4 million. Nacc said more than 28,000 people living with Aids succumbed to the disease in 2017.

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