In Summary
  • Alai is active on social media, where he posts information on politics and social issues.

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has been released from Kamukunji Police Station in Nairobi.

Alai, on his Facebook page on Saturday, said: "Thanks Jomo for intervening and having this sorted. Some people are misusing the police and they misuse the name of the President too.

"Four flying Squad cars? Really? Anyway, I am out," he wrote without clarifying which 'Jomo' he was referring to.


Earlier, he had told the Nation that he was arrested Friday on Mombasa Road.

According to him, police cars fitted with ordinary number plates blocked his vehicle, before the officers jumped out with guns.

"They have not told me why I am under arrest. I do not know why I am here. They roughed me up. My shirt is torn," Mr Alai said.

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