In Summary
  • The census enumerators will collect data from the head of the household or another responsible member.

It is now just hours away from the start of the countrywide headcount of persons conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

This will be Kenya's sixth national census since Independence that kicks off on the night August 24 and extends up to August 31, 2019 and is expected to cover more than 12 million households.

The purpose of the exercise is to get reliable and detailed data on the size and distribution of the population in the country, as well as the living conditions and access to basic services at a specified time. This information will help in the process of planning, resource allocation and policy formulation for development.

Broadly, the questions will cover age, sex, physical location, education, labour force, ICT and household assets.

But what specific information will the enumerators be seeking from you? Here, we highlight what the questionnaire will cover.

  • Where do you live?

You are expected to state the county, sub-county, division, location, sub-location and ward where you live.

  • Have you gone to school?

On education, the enumerators will seek to establish the highest level of education attained by each member of your household. Specifically, the census will list the grade per level of education attained. This question will only assess members who are three years and older.

  • How many children have you given birth to?

According to KNBS, the question on fertility will be answered by the senior female member of a household, ‘‘preferably in private’’.

All females aged 12 and above will be required to state the number of infants they have given birth to and those that may have died.

  • What gender are you?

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