The CRA is constitutionally mandated to make recommendations on the basis of equitable sharing of revenue between the two levels of government and the counties.

The proposal to have population given more weight was fronted first by Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and it seems to be gaining momentum as the country head for a national census in August.


Mr Roba said the counties stand to lose close to Sh10 billion annually of the new formula is adopted.

“CRA does not clearly give the basis of the parameters through which they reached the revenue-sharing formula, and instead largely use population as the basic denominator, assuming that all the 47 counties have the same level of development,” Mr Roba said.

The leaders said they will continue to pursue the issue through a political process involving finding like-minded political leaders to get a legislation through the Parliament to reject any policies that negatively affect their region.

Data from the Devolution ministry shows that counties have received close to Sh2 trillion since advent of devolution in 2013: Sh210 billion (2013/14), Sh226 billion (2014/15), Sh287 billion (2015/16), Sh302 billion (2016/17), Sh327 billion (2017/18) and Sh372.7 billion (2018/19).

If approved by the Senate, the formula will be used to share revenue to counties, with Sh335.67 billion earmarked for counties in the 2019/2020 financial year.


Already, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics says it has concluded mapping most of the counties in preparation for the census.

Kenya’s national population census has been conducted every decade since August 1969.

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