In Summary
  • The council says there should be concerted efforts by all leaders to address the national challenges and seek solutions.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been urged to reach out to Opposition leader Raila Odinga and other stakeholders to discuss how to end the political stalemate that has rocked the country since the campaigns for the last General Election.

The National Council of Churches of Kenya has warned that the current situation brought about by unhealthy contest between the ruling party and the opposition has sharply divided the nation and may trigger civil war.

“We urge that there be consultations among all stakeholders to agree how closure of the 2017 elections can be found so that we don’t go to the 2022 elections under the same conditions.

"We especially urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to take to heart the lesson of Isaiah 1: 18, and recognise that the one who has instruments of power is the one who is best positioned to call others and reason with them,” he said.

In a statement read by NCCK general secretary Canon Rev Peter Karanja at Jumuia Conference Centre in Limuru on Friday, the council also said that there should be intra and inter-ethnic dialogue aimed at promoting cohesion and peaceful coexistence among Kenyans.

According to the group, there should be concerted efforts by all leaders to address the national challenges and seek solutions, warning that if the current situation persists, it could send the country to the dogs.

The Rev Karanja said President Kenyatta should be the one to invite Opposition leaders and other relevant stakeholders in the discussions, which he said should be geared towards putting issues relating to the last elections behind and forge the way forward.

The country, the Rev Karanja said, has remained in a politicking and campaigning mode since 2005, and this had made it unstable, undermined economic development, hindered social service delivery and worsened social-economic inequalities.