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  • Wario, his PS Richard Ekai and former DCI boss Ndegwa Muhoro are among those facing uncertainty over their postings..
  • Hosting states also conduct independent assessments of the appointees, and can accept or reject them.

Confusion has hit the posting abroad of the ambassadors vetted by Parliament last year amid a push-and-pull between the Executive and Parliament.

There are also reports that they have been rejected by the receiving countries.

But sources in the executive say the diplomats have not reported to work because President Uhuru Kenyatta is yet to commission them.

The ambassadors were endorsed by the legislators although the character of some of them were called into question, with Opposition members walking out in protest.

The National Assembly Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations has held emergency meetings with senior officials in the Foreign ministry, to no avail.

“We are aware of the matter but there is little we can do,” a member of the committee said.


Meanwhile, the chairman of the committee, Mr Katoo olé Metito, said he was not aware of developments since the ambassadors were vetted, adding that their posting involves more than just the House's approval.

“My committee vetted them based on the available documentation from authorised agencies — EACC, DCI, and KRA, among others. I am not aware of any developments after the parliamentary approval,” he told the Nation.

But Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said the ambassadors will report to their stations anytime now, dismissing claims that they had been rejected by the host countries.

“They have all been accepted and they will be going (to their stations) in the next few weeks. We are simply observing protocol and that is normal,” Mr Kamau said.

Former Sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario, his PS Richard Ekai and former DCI boss Ndegwa Muhoro are among those facing uncertainty over their postings.


Dr Wario and Mr Ekai are facing charges related to the misuse of funds during the Rio Olympics. They were to serve in Austria and Russia respectively.

Dr Wario had already sent his family to Vienna, and the Austrian government had scheduled his reception for October.

But he missed the appointment since he was still in Kenya fighting to be released on bond. Mr Muhoro was posted to Malaysia as High Commissioner but is also still in the country

The procedure Mr Kamau referred to involves the President affirming and hosting the appointees to a dinner, where they are briefed on the expectations and channels of communication.

By then the Foreign Service Academy will have trained the envoys on how to conduct themselves during their tour of duty.

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