“All of us must be put on one platform in prime time and allowed to sell our policies to Kenyans. We will not accept any form of discrimination,” Mr Nzai added.

We will not accept the tier debate as it amounts to discrimination. We were all cleared by the electoral commission after meeting the same conditions,” he explained.

He further said that debate organisers have a civic duty to ensure that the public is adequately informed through providing the same platform for all the candidates.


“Kenya cannot be controlled by two people, all of us have policies and we must be given equal chance,” Mr Nzai said.

Alliance for Real Change presidential candidate Abduba Dida also said his running mate, Tito Ngetuny, will not attend the debate.

“None of the running mates will attend the debate as long as discrimination is the order of the day as we have witnessed from the organisers.

“All candidates must be equal and the podium should be set for eight people,” Mr Dida told the Nation.

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah, who has been appointed to represent DP Ruto in the debate, said through a Facebook post that he was ready to face off with all the running mates.

“I feel energised to play my civic responsibility to expose Nasa’s lack of substance and vision for this country as we expound on the transformative agenda of 2017-2022,” Mr Ichung'wa said.

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