The International Criminal Court has directed that the Kenyan government be compelled to provide the property and financial records associated with President Uhuru Kenyatta if the government was not ready to fully cooperate.

In a ruling on Tuesday, the judges further unanimously endorsed the prosecution’s revised request that Attorney-General Githu Muigai had contested during the status conference on July 9.

The AG seems to have lost his argument, as the Trial Chamber V (B) ruled that the prosecution’s request was right within the provisions of the Rome Statute of cooperation.

The judges said voluntary compliance was welcome but not satisfactory and other measures, including compulsory acquisition of the records, be employed to obtain the documents.

“The chamber considers that additional steps, pursuant to ordinary domestic investigative channels utilizing compulsory measures where appropriate ought to be undertaken in parallel and in a timely manner.”


The judges further directed the prosecution to "pursue all possible means to get Mr Kenyatta’s telephone records.

At the status conference on July 9, Mr Muigai had argued that the prosecution’s request lacked specificity.

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