Once fully constituted, the committee will retreat to come up with the order of business to be transacted in the House.

The approval of the Jubilee names was a subject of heated debate earlier in the day as to whether the House can proceed with the motion with names from one side.

ODM Chairman John Mbadi (Suba South) said there is no need for the House to be in a hurry in constituting the committee without the names from the minority side.

“The committee cannot transact any business until we bring our members so that it can be properly constituted,” Mr Mbadi said.

Mr Mbadi told the House that Nasa MPs have a parliamentary group meeting to come up with its list.
Speaker Justin Muturi however, dismissed Mr Mbadi’s argument.


“This House cannot be held hostage by parties or individuals who are not ready to participate in the affairs of this House and therefore nothing stops us from continuing with its business. Delay defeats equity,” Speaker Muturi said.
Nominated MP Cecile Mbarire said the House needs to start its work.

“There are important issues that needs to be discussed and therefore we urge the opposition to bring their names so that this House can start its work. “The President was clear that the country needs to move forward despite the politics,” Ms Mbarire said.

Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa urged MPs to wait for the list from the opposition so that the House can move on as a team.

“This House needs to move forward in the spirit of teamwork,” he said.

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