1522: The national anthem is played, marking the end of the ceremony.

President Kenyatta thanks Mr Odinga and Mr Musyoka, says they must work together to serve Kenyans, a little before ending his speech

1515: President Kenyatta asks Kenyans to remain united as a key pillar to build a prosperous Kenya.

1510: Any African visitor will receive a visa on arrival to the Kenya and may stay up to six months, on the basis of reciprocity, President Kenyatta says.

Considerable progress made towards regional integration, the President says.

1504: President says all religious faiths can live together as brothers and sisters. "We have an opportunity to live and prosper, free of discrimination"

President Kenyatta says oil and other mineral resources, says this an opportunity for Kenya to lift its economy. He says government working on policy to guide the exploration and exploitation of resources while avoiding conflict with the local population. He has warned those who seek to incite the people living in the areas where the resources have been discovered.

1500: President lauds move by the devolved government to develop their counties.

1456: President Kenyatta calls on Kenyans to reflect on sacrifices made freedom fighters and the ordinary people towards independence. He asks citizens to value freedom and the responsibilities that come with it. Says we have an obligation to treat others with respect, speak with truth, represent others fairly, to work and develop our country.

The President admits that "we are yet to reach the promised land. We have missed opportunities in the last 50 years."

He commends the growth in universities and institutions of higher learning in Kenya. 10,000 students graduated this year alone, he says. Notes health services now closer to the people than they were 50 years ago.

President says Kenya has an enviable infrastructure network, and new projects launched recently to enhance Kenya's competitiveness in the region as well as provide jobs.

1450: Unity by freedom fighters motivates Kenya to build a united nation, devoid of parochial divisions, President Kenyatta notes.

President Kenyatta notes the visionaries of Africa, and their "sacrificial role" towards accomplishments of the continent. Visionaries willing to sacrifice their own lives helped win independence, he says. The freedom we have today was earned through the blood of patriots.

1445: President Kenyatta pays tribute to former South African president and global icon Nelson Mandela who died at 95 last week. A minute of silence is observed.

Mr Ruto introduces President Uhuru Kenyatta for the keynote speech.

1442: Deputy President Ruto mentions former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former president Mwai Kibaki present at the event.

1430: Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (President, Uganda) is next. Also speaking in Kiswahili, congratulates Kenya on marking her independence. As Kenyans fought for their independence, they didn't just fight for themselves, he says. Several African countries have already celebrated their 50 anniversary, thanks Kenyans for standing against the "arrogance of colonisers."

1425: Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete: "Happy birthday" to Kenya, he says in his remarks in Kiswahili. Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama," he says, pointing out that Kenya's economy has grown big in the region. Kenya is one, the citizens are one, and Tanzania wishes that Kenya remains united and peaceful in the next 50 years. Tanzania will continue close cooperation with Kenya as a member of the East African Community, he says.

1422: PM Desalegn of Ethiopia acknowledges the Kenyan struggle towards independence and the African solidarity. Wishes Kenya all the best in celebrating 50 years of independence.

President Banda thanks former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta for what she did for her in 1975, without giving details. She thanks Kenyan women for their support.

1417: President Joyce Banda of Malawi speaking. "Hamjambo wananchi, she greets the crowd." She recounts the time when she lived in Kileleshwa in Nairobi, Kenya. Her achievements started there, she says

1415: President Jonathan congratulates Kenya on the 50th anniversary. Points the role of citizens in developing their country. "Nobody can develop Kenya more than its citizens."

1410: President Ali Ben Bongo of Gabon now greets the crowd. After him is Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria.

1408: Mr Ruto mentions the presence of special envoys from China, India and Japan representatives from many other countries and organisations.

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