Kenya's economy is "in turbulence", opposition leader Raila Odinga has said.

The ODM leader said Kenya’s unemployment rate is among the highest in the world, with 17 per cent of the youth, who are the majority population, lacking jobs.

“Our country is hurting," he told inventors in Kisumu in a statement read by Governor Jack Ranguma. "Despite the glossy projections we have chosen to believe, the reality is that our economy is in turbulence."

To arrest runaway joblessness, Mr Odinga said, the government should get its priorities right and focus on them.


“First, let us talk openly and act candidly against corruption," he said.

"Corruption is taking away at least 250,000 jobs every year from our country. With a reputation like the one we gained last month as the third most corrupt country in the world, it takes a really brave investor to try Kenya."

He went on: “Our unemployment rate is among the highest in the world. It stands at three times that of Uganda and Tanzania.

"The World Bank says one in every five Kenyan youths of working age has no job compared to Uganda and Tanzania, where about one in every 20 young people is jobless.”

He said youth unemployment, if not addressed, would be a disaster for Kenya and urged the business community to help deal with it.


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