In Summary
  • Rocks have become more than just geographical feature.
  • The word, which means the first wife, has inspired folk tales across western.

Any first time visitor to Kit Mikayi rocks in Seme, Kisumu County may be forgiven for thinking that the rocks balancing perfectly on top of each other are about to fall.

This is because of their amazing arrangement that offers a spectacular view that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Kit Mikayi is a rock formation which is 70 metres high.

It is located along the Kisumu- Bondo road in Western Kenya.

In Dholuo language, which is widely spoken in the area, Kit Mikayi means ‘‘stones of the first wife’’ or ‘‘First wife’s rocks’’.

The rocks are located 30 kilometres east of the lakeside city of Kisumu and one kilometre from Kisumu-Bondo road.


One can easily access it through a sign board on the gate of Kit Mikayi Primary School as you enter via Ng’op Ngeso Primary School.

Despite various geological explanations on how it was formed, locals have their juicy version of how it came to exist.

According to folk tales, there was an old man by the name Ngeso who adored and cherished the rocks.

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