In Summary
  • The Akasha family says friends and close allies deserted them when the brothers were extradited to the US.
  • Their mother wants the two brought back to Kenya and tried in the country.

A year after two sons of slain tycoon Ibrahim Akasha were extradited to the US, the lives of the prominent family have drastically changed.

Mrs Fatma Akasha, the widow of the slain tycoon who was accused of being a drug baron, said relatives, friends and close allies have deserted them and it is a daily struggle to care for the family.


The family expressed disappointment over people they once called “close allies”.

“We are now on our own. All those who pretended to be friends of my sons are nowhere to be seen. We have no one to support or console us during these hard times,” she says.

Tears flow freely from the eyes of the 62-year-old woman who has been suffering from high blood pressure since her two sons were deported to the US in 2017.

She speaks fondly of her two sons, Baktash Akasha and Ibrahim Akasha, who are being held in New York, and says she cries to heal her wounds.

“We have been left with deep incurable wounds and gaps that no one can heal and fill. I am pained as a mother, not being able to see my two sons who are rotting in a foreign jail,” she tells the Nation during an interview.


Her sons, together with a Pakistani national Ghulam Hussein and an Indian national Vijaygiri Goswami, were extradited to the US in January 2017.

They are facing charges of conspiring to smuggle 98 kilogrammes of heroin into the United States from Kenya. The four suspects could be sentenced to life in prison in the US if convicted on the charges.

The two brothers are also facing new charges of bribing Kenyan officials and brandishing guns while carrying out their alleged crimes.

Baktash and Ibrahim were the breadwinners of the family, their mother says.

“They are the only people who could unburden me of my sufferings.”

Mrs Akasha and her three daughters look after the family, including the children of the accused brothers.

The two men left behind 12 children – Baktash has eight and Ibrahim four.

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