In Summary
  • 62 percent of those who support referendum want woman representatives posts scrapped.
  • 59 percent want the Senate scrapped.
  • 51 percent want the number of counties reduced.

Majority of Kenyans support push to amend the Constitution but do not want an expanded Executive, a new poll has revealed.

The study conducted by Infotrak and Integrated Development Network poll agencies reveals that many of those who support constitutional change are inclined against the creation of a prime minister and two deputies posts. 

Again, they are also worried about the public sector wage bill and want seats for woman representatives and senators scrapped in addition to a trim of the number of constituencies. 

“A majority of Kenyans supported the suggested amendments to the Constitution to scrap some elective positions such as woman representatives and senators. Similarly, a majority of Kenyans support the suggested amendments to the Constitution to reduce the number of counties, constituencies and wards,” said Mr Walter Nyabundi, Infotrak’s research manager.

According to the poll released on Sunday, 62 percent of Kenyans want the position of woman representatives scrapped, 59 percent support scrapping the position of senators, while 51 and 50 percent of Kenyans want the number of counties, constituencies and wards reduced.

The poll also showed Kenyans are not happy with the August elections, with majority of them suggesting poll date be shifted to December.

“A majority of Kenyans (72 percent), across the eight regions, prefer the presidential system of government and would like to elect their President directly. Support for the parliamentary system of government is voiced by 18 percent of Kenyans, with the highest support for it in Nyanza and Coast regions at 28 percent and 22 percent respectively,” the poll revealed.