A man in Wajir County has been sentenced to life in prison for defiling and impregnating an 11-year-old girl.

The convict, Mohamed Dagane Abdi, was accused of forcing himself on the pupil at her parent’s house.

The victim became pregnant and later gave birth through caesarean section because she was very young for normal delivery, the court was told.

In his defence, Mr Abdi said he was framed because of the differences between his family and the girl’s. But, Wajir Senior Resident Magistrate Mugendi Nyaga found him guilty.

While delivering the judgment, the magistrate said, the sentence will act as a deterrence to other people who are planning to commit such acts.

The ruling is landmark in the county because on many occasion, victims refuse to testify against perpetrators of sexual violence for fear of being victimized by community members.

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