National Super Alliance (Nasa) co-principal Moses Watangu’la now says he will defend his Bungoma Senate seat.

Mr Wetang’ula on Friday said he would run for the county seat on his Ford-Kenya party ticket.


The veteran politician had left political pundits and Bungoma residents guessing the fate of his seat, with speculation rife that he had appointed one of his allies to take it.

Mr Wetang'ula’s declaration means he has a fallback position in case Nasa fails to wrest power from Jubilee.

He had been named deputy premier CS responsible for coordinating economic affairs in the line-up of Nasa if it wins in August.

Mr Wetang’ula said by defending his seat, he was being strategic in preparation for the 2022 presidency.

"When you see a ram moving away, don't think that it’s a coward, its preparing itself to hit its rival very hard," he said at Kanduyi market in Bungoma.


“By defending my seat, I’m not a coward, even my friend, the Bomet governor, will be defending his.”

He continued, "We have already endorsed Raila Odinga as the Nasa presidential flag-bearer and we will change the constitution to allow another co-principal to take over in 2022."

The Senate minority leader will face off with three other candidates who are eying his post.

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