In Summary
  • Nairobi has earmarked three facilities: Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Mbagathi Hospital and Riruta Health Centre for admission and treatment of cholera patients.
  • Experts have raised concern that outbreak of the disease in this modern era is an indictment of the government for lack of commitment to contain preventable diseases.

The number of cholera patients at Nairobi Hospital has risen to 58 after four Huduma Namba clerks sent to register staff were infected, the Saturday Nation has learnt.

The clerks, who were at the hospital for two days, were offered breakfast and lunch by the management.

“On the April 13 and 14 our clerks were sent to register the Nairobi Hospital staff... Four of them experienced stomach problems,” said Madam Zuleka, the Assistant County Commissioner Kilimani Division.

She said that after completing the exercise the clerks went back to the facility for testing.

“Four of the 11 clerks tested positive and they are admitted at Nairobi Hospital; six of them are still waiting for their results while one tested negative,” she said.


The number of cholera patients admitted in various hospitals in the country rose to 62 this month as one died, the Ministry of Health said.

Data from the ministry shows that since the beginning of the year 1,350 suspected cholera cases have been reported, 72 were confirmed positive through laboratory tests.

So far, outbreaks have been reported in Kajiado, Narok, Machakos, Kiambu and Nairobi counties. Nairobi reported 201 suspected cholera cases between February 28 and April 17, of which 52 per cent were male and 42 per cent female.

Of these, the ministry said in a statement, only 12 cases were confirmed positive.


Last week, a worker died of the disease at Nairobi Hospital and 54 people were hospitalised. The hospital’s cafeteria was closed as management battled to contain the disease.

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