In Summary
  • Deal to buy 10 aircrafts of the model that is still under scrutiny remains.
  • The Air Peace spokesperson said the airline had not yet taken delivery of the ordered aircraft.

  • Airline says it is confident Boeing is capable of addressing safety concerns raised on the 737 Max model.


Nigeria’s leading carrier Air Peace insists it has no plan to cancel its order for 10 737-MAX 800 planes in spite of the uproar against the brand over recent crashes.

The airline's corporate communications manager, Mr Chris Iwarah, said any decision about cancelling the order would be premature.

Mr Iwarah, however, said on Tuesday in Lagos that Air Peace would continue to act in the interest of the safety of the flying public.

He said the multi-million dollar deal signed between Air Peace and the American aircraft manufacturer, The Boeing Company, on September 13, 2018 for the delivery of 10 brand new B737 MAX 800 aircraft, was still on.

“At this moment, it is premature to begin to talk about things and conclusions that have not been put in the public domain.

“Investigations into the crashes involving B737Max 800 are ongoing so it will not be fair at this time to begin to make definite comments on those issues,” he said.

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