Justice Makau consented to the request but cautioned that if the parties fail to resolve the dispute hearing of the case will proceed.

He further ruled that the auditor should not take any adverse action against Mr Ikame since the court had lifted his interdiction. “The status quo be maintained. No adverse action should be taken against Mr Ikame,” said Justice Makau.

The case will be mentioned on January 16 to confirm if the matter has been resolved.

While the auditor-general has maintained that the suspension was lifted, Mr Ikame claims he has remained on half pay since April and that disciplinary action against him was still ongoing.

The letter from the auditor-general states that Mr Ikame led a team of eight officers in conducting an audit of Kirinyaga County Government on November 15, 2017.

He was accused of threatening contractors and suppliers with blacklisting if they did not part with the money.

Mr Ikame’s lawyers said he has never been found culpable of any wrong-doing for the 22 years that he has worked with the Office of Auditor-General.

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