In Summary
  • According to a medical officer at Kituro Health Centre, who sought for anonymity because he is not authorised to give press statements, more than 50 students tested positive to food poisoning.

  • A spot check by the Nation at the health facility on Wednesday found more than 12 students who were complaining of stomach pains and were waiting to be attended to.

More than 200 students of Kituro High School in Baringo Central have been sent home over suspected food poisoning.

The learners, who were complaining of stomach pains and headache, were treated at a Kituro Health Centre and sent home.


The school's head-teacher Salina Rotich on Wednesday confirmed that the students went home since Monday, and that some had already returned.

"We had more than 10 students on Monday who were complaining of stomach pains and headache. The number increased the following day but they were treated and released to go home," she said.

She said parents of the ill students had been contacted and were aware that their children were heading home.

"The situation has been contained and some of the students who had gone home have since resumed and there is no cause for alarm,” she added.

There were fears that the learners could have contracted cholera but the administrator said the symptoms had since been confirmed to be those of food poisoning.


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