In Summary
  • The adoption of the report now brings to an end a proposal by KQ on the Privately Initiated Investment Proposal (PIIP) where the carrier had pegged its survival in operating JKIA for 30 years, a proposal that the committee rejected.

The process of nationalising Kenya Airways is now officially set to start after MPs Tuesday unanimously adopted the report of the Transport Committee.

The passage of the report now means the government will be forced to pay off KQ debtors in a bid to pave way for the nationalisation of the national carrier.


The troubled airline owes CBA Group Sh3.1 billion, Equity Bank Sh5.2 billion, National Bank Sh3.5 billion, Co-operative Bank Sh3.3 billion, DTB Bank Sh3.3 billion and KCB Group Sh2.1 billion.

The committee chairman David Pkosing (Pokot South) Tuesday told the Nation that the passage of the report by the House is a big step towards bringing the required changes to the country’s aviation sector.

“This is a new dawn to the country’s aviation sector and if well implemented, it will open new markets to Kenya Airways and thereby increase their income,” Mr Pkosing said.

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