He termed the recently concluded Jubilee nominations as a “shame” that was full of irregularities.            

The high number of appeals that emanated from the Jubilee nominations, he said, is an indication that the process was not free and fair. 

He dismissed the candidature of Mr Sonko, saying he has no previous managerial experience to run a city like Nairobi.                      

"You can't say you will do the politics while another person will be the manager," he said in reference to Mr Polycarp Igathe, Mr Sonko’s running mate.                      

"Nairobi cannot survive with a figure head governor."   


He added: “I'm not worried by the Deputy President supporting my competitor Sonko...it will be upon Nairobians to decide."                           

He revealed his views on Sonko-Igathe ticket: "I feel for Igathe… he is a good young man but will be overrun within two weeks by the governor if Sonko wins".

The Constitution, he said, is clear that governor is the CEO of a county and not the deputy.

The deputy governor, he said, is only assigned duties by the governor and therefore Nairobians cannot be told that the governor will do politics as his deputy manages the city.      

He said his candidature will not split Jubilee votes and give Dr Kidero a clear win in August, saying he is also capable of getting votes across all political divide. 


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