The controversy surrounding a building leased out to the Judiciary seven years ago has come back to haunt Chief Justice David Maraga. The Judiciary entered into a lease agreement of the commercial building known as Elgon Place for use by Court of Appeal judges in 2013.

In a petition filed Tuesday before the Judicial Service Commission, Mr Fredrick Obilo wants the Chief Justice removed from office, saying he failed to constitute a bench to hear and determine the pending lease row.

In his suit documents, Mr Obilo claimed that a dispute has been pending in court since 2016 over the building because the Judiciary has not paid rent as well as parking fees on one part and service charge on the other for the premise despite its completion and possession of the lease.

He alleged that the Judiciary took over the premise on January 1, 2013, for use as the new Court of Appeal premises.

However, the Judiciary failed to pay rent and parking fees, which has accrued to USD 1.2 million and Sh22.4 million respectively as at March 31, 2015, which led to the dispute spilling over to the Environment and Lands Court in 2016.

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