In Summary
  • Police admits to killing six people in Nairobi and Kisumu between Friday and Saturday.
  • Furthermore, police will crackdown on those inciting people to violence through social media.

The National Police Service has denied claims made by Nasa leaders of killing civilians during post-vote protests.

In a statement posted on its Facebook page and appended by spokesperson George Kinoti, it termed the allegations that police officers have killed "100 persons" as false.

"The National Police Service takes great exception to untruthful allegations made by some Nasa politicians to the effect that the Police are responsible for killing 100 persons and hiding the corpses in body bags.

"....these allegations are unfounded and have no basis in fact and are clearly aimed at escalating tensions in the country," the statement read.


There have been protests in various parts of the country since Friday after the electoral commission declared Mr Uhuru Kenyatta the winner of the presidential race.

But Nasa leaders and their supporters strongly disputed the outcome.

President-elect Kenyatta, during the announcement at Bomas of Kenya, urged Kenyans to foster peace.


However, Police admits to killing six people in Nairobi and Kisumu between Friday and Saturday.

"In the past two days, we are aware of six fatalities in which criminals armed and acting with deadly intent attacked police officers attempting to effect arrest, resulting in fatal neutralisation of the attackers."

According to the statement, this is the breakdown of the fatalities:

"In Nairobi's Ruaraka, two criminals were shot dead while breaking into a supermarket at Kasabuni.


When challenged to surrender, they attacked the law enforcement officers with machetes with an intent to harm them.

The third one was in Starehe, Nairobi, where there was a group of 25 people armed with assorted crude weapons breaking into private houses and who menacingly challenged and charged at police officers.

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