In Summary
  • Adopt-a-Light sends text message saying it cannot continue erecting controversial billboards in the city.

  • It was not clear why Adopt-a-Light stopped erecting the billboards that had been the talk of town.

  • The billboards had been erected at strategic places in the CBD as well as major roads.

Adopt-a-Light, the firm contracted by the anti-abortion crusader Apostle Kathy Kageni-Oganga to erect billboards in the city highlighting the dangers of the procedure, has pulled out thus throwing the entire campaign into a limbo.

A terse text from the firm associated with the Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris said: “Kindly note that we are not able to continue advertising for you as per our earlier communication. I had informed you very clearly that it is not possible to continue. Thanks”


The advertising firm has told the preacher that it would be refunding all the monies owed so the contract can be legally terminated.

It was not clear why Adopt-a-Light stopped erecting the billboards that had been the talk of town but suffice to say that several NGOs — obviously with more spending power than Kageni-Oganga and her Sozo Church of God — had raised hackles against the billboards which they said were stigmatising women and girls seeking access to safe and legal abortion services.

Adopt-a-Light’s founder, Ms Passaris, has often made public her declaration of faith. Just before the turn of 2018, she disclosed that she had been on a fast, a practice she said she ritually followed every year.

Back to the billboards and immediately they came down, the coalition of pro-choice NGOs went into a celebratory mood, announcing the victory.

“Success. The billboards came down in May. The Nairobi County Government responded to our request, removing the inaccurate and inflammatory anti-abortion billboards that had been erected throughout Nairobi.”

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