In Summary
  • President Kenyatta watched the unfolding drama calmly.
  • The President was in Migori to launch an anti-malaria campaign.

Youths hurled shoes at the presidential dais on Monday, causing security tension at a meeting addressed by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Migori County.

The group had taken strategic positions in front of the dais and started shouting Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) slogans soon after Migori Governor Okoth Obado moved to the microphone to address the gathering.

The youths also threw plastic chairs across the field and aimed the shoes at the dais, although it was not clear who the target was.

The presidential guard threw a security cordon around the tent where the President and other dignitaries sat.

President Kenyatta watched the unfolding drama calmly.

A section of the crowd — mainly women and children — at the well-attended meeting at the Migori Primary School grounds, fled when police officers cocked their guns. However, no shots were fired. But minor injuries were reported.

The fracas marred an otherwise peaceful visit by the President, during which he addressed several meetings.


President Kenyatta unsuccessfully pleaded to the crowd to let the leaders present to be allowed to speak.

“Can we give them one minute each to speak before I continue?” asked Mr Kenyatta. The crowd responded in the negative and continued chanting ODM slogans.

Kitutu Chache North MP James Angwenyi walked out of the venue in protest and headed to his car, saying: “These guys cannot embarrass the President like this as I watch. This is a big shame I cannot withstand.”

Efforts by Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga and Migori Senator Wilfred Machage to calm the crowd fell on deaf ears.

As the jeers continued, Mr Kenyatta walked to the podium to make his address. But part of the crowd continued chanting ODM slogans.

“We have listened, can you now keep quiet so that we proceed?” he called on the crowd.

He eventually addressed the crowd amid muted jeers.


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