In Summary
  • Through his lawyer, Mr Wilfred Nyamu, and Mr Ndegwa Njiru, for the Embu voters, he claimed that the matter raised weighty issues that only a bench could properly give a fair hearing.
  • The two claimed that the impeachment process had been an implementation of a political process and therefore conflicted with the County Government Act.

A ruling on the court case of Embu Governor Martin Wambora’s impeachment is set to be delivered on Thursday by High Court Judge George Odunga.

The governor, who had a hard time last year battling against efforts by MCAs to remove him from office, was reinstated for a second time by Principle Judge Richard Mwongo on May 15, 2014.

The county assembly twice resolved to oust him, on February 14 and later on May 13.

He has been accused of flouting the County Government Act by appointing public servants without the assembly's approval.

He is also accused of flouting procurement rules in the purchase of Sh35 million worth of maize seeds that never germinated, procurement of vehicles and authorisation to renovate Embu Stadium at a cost of Sh50 million, up from Sh8 million.

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