Tharaka-Nithi Governor Samuel Ragwa, his deputy Eliud Muriithi and 12 members of the county assembly have decamped from Jubilee to Narc-Kenya.

The leaders said they quit President Kenyatta’s party because there were clear indications that Jubilee nominations would not be free and fair.


"We will defend our seats through Narc-Kenya because there is no transparency in Jubilee," Mr Ragwa said during a press conference at Narc-Kenya headquarters in Nairobi.

He said he had realised that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s party was not genuine and was meant to help him and his close friends.

“This is a party of a few people and I cannot waste any more time in a place where I can’t see light ahead,” said Mr Ragwa.

He said they went to Bomas of Kenya and declared that, for nominations to be free and fair, the electoral commission should conduct them but were surprised to learn that it was not going to be the case.


“There are a few people holding secret meetings and deciding how JP should be ran without informing the rest,” he said in a phone conversation with the Nation after the reception.

He added that the JP nomination cards were being issued discriminatively and some aspirants were recruiting members with fake cards manufactured in Nairobi.

Mr Ragwa noted that his rivals, Senate Majority Leader Kithure Kindiki and former Nithi MP Petkay Miriti, were the key people in JP's operations and he was not satisfied with it.

He said Prof Kindiki, Chuka/Igambangombe MP Muthomi Njuki and Mr Miriti were intimidating the rest of the members in the county and also trying to convince locals that they are the candidates Mr Kenyatta prefers.


The governor maintained that he supports Mr Kenyatta’s re-election but warned that if the President endorses any person, he will lobby locals to vote against him.

“I am supporting Mr Kenyatta for re-election, but I will ditch him if he happens to endorse any of my rivals,” he said.

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