In Summary
  • Several officials have called for a review of international relations with countries that have isolated Sierra Leone.
  • The travel ban has been blamed for increased economic difficulties, including food shortage.

Sierra Leone has threatened to review its relationship with Kenya and several other African countries over isolation following the Ebola outbreak.

Presidential Adviser Ibrahim Ben Kargbo said the country is angered by countries like Kenya, South Africa and Senegal whose actions suggest countries affected by Ebola were "pariah states".

National carrier Kenya Airways has suspended its flights to some Liberia and Sierra Leone following the Ebola outbreak.

Mr Kargbo, who heads the media arm of the Presidential Taskforce on Ebola, said he was surprised by the decision by

South Africa to ban travellers from Sierra Leon to enter the country.


He hit out at Senegal for "almost refusing" a Freetown-bound UN plane from passing through Dakar.

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