A shortage of smart membership cards has hit Jubilee after the party sold all the seven million cards it had procured since the recruitment started in January.

Jubilee Secretariat Chairman Raphael Tuju said the party had ordered extra 2.5 million cards and were expected in the country on March 23.

SH 20

Each card costs Sh20, meaning the party has already cashed in Sh140 million and is intending to mint an additional Sh50 million, if it sells all the extra cards to its supporters.

Aspirants have been flocking the party headquarters at Pangani in Nairobi and many have been leaving disappointed after failing to get the cards.

“We ran out of the smart cards due to high demand," Mr Tuju told the Nation on Thursday evening.

"The cards are selling like hot cakes but we have placed an order and by March 23 we will have more cards for our members."


He said the party was in the process of forming nine-member election boards in all counties to be in charge of nominations, slated for next month.

He downplayed fears by some aspirants that the primaries will be marred by irregularities.

“The fears are unfounded. We have politicians who believe an exercise is fair only when they win but when they lose it is unfair and not free. We guarantee our candidates that the party primaries will be fair,” said Mr Tuju.

“The board will be in charge and not the interim officials. The officials were for presidential campaign and mobilisation of new voters during the recent registration,” he added.


He revealed that there were wealthy politicians attempting to compromise the party officials to get direct tickets.

“There are politicians who want to compromise the process and are making financial advances but we have rejected," he said.

The party, according to Mr Tuju, has established a national tribunal to handle complaints that may arise from the primaries.

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