Interior ministry has directed all County Security and Intelligence Committees to intensity security during the 2019 census period.

In a letter Interior Principal Secretary Moffat Kangi requested the Inspector General of Police to mount road blocks along major roads to facilitate enumeration of travellers.

In the letter addressed to the IG on Friday, he stated that the state department of planning had requested that all persons who will be on transit on the census night be enumerated.  

“In order to ensure that all travellers are enumerated, it is important that roadblocks are mounted along major roads on the census night. The census personnel will be stationed at the roadblocks to verify whether all travellers have been enumerated and count those who will not have been enumerated,” Mr Kangi.

The government wants the roadblocks mounted along major roads on Aug 24-31 from 6pm to 10pm to ensure travellers take part in the 2019 census.

Vehicles which will need to be stopped at the roadblocks for the purposes of census enumeration are the long distance vehicles only.