The agreement will enable Kenya to receive critical support for border control and aviation security through training programmes and equipment for border, airline and immigration staff.

Other areas of co-operation under the agreement include countering violent extremism, terrorism and trans-national crime through sharing of information and profiling of major masterminds and beneficiaries of these crimes.

“The UK is no longer just training our own military in Kenya, but training with Kenyans to promote stability in East Africa and beyond and to build the continent’s capacity to overcome its own challenges and deliver its own security.


“The UK continues to support the commitment of the brave Kenyan soldiers fighting in Somalia against Al-Shabaab. And I will announce a new package of funding to support the African Union mission in Somalia,” said the PM.

On corruption, the two leaders witnessed the signing of an agreement on the framework for the return of assets from corruption and proceeds of crime hidden in off-shore accounts by corrupt individuals.

Britain becomes the third international partner- after Switzerland and Jersey Island - to support Kenya’s war on graft through the signing of agreements aimed at repatriation of assets and monies acquired through corrupt deals back into the country.

Prime Minister May said that besides repatriation of the proceeds of corruption, her government will support efforts to prosecute and conclude all major corruption cases in the country.

Additional reporting by PSCU

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