In Summary
  • Mudavadi has torn into President Uhuru Kenyatta, saying his administration did not address Kenyans' plight in 2018.
  • He cited matters including corruption, external debts, extrajudicial killings, scandals at government bodies and lack of an equipped and supported Judiciary.
  • The Nasa principal promised that his party will keep the government on its toes to ensure the DCI, the ODPP, the Judiciary and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission have all the support they need.

Runaway corruption and huge debts were the top Jubilee Party failures in 2018, politician Musalia Mudavadi has said, in his criticism of President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration.

Mr Mudavadi, leader of Amani National Congress (ANC) party, said this on Monday while tearing into Jubilee for failing to address the plight of Kenyans in 2018.


In a statement read at Mikaye Restaurant in Nyali, Mombasa County, Mr Mudavadi said corruption and debts are sending the country to its economic deathbed.

The statement titled ‘Rededicating ourselves to a renewed patriotic agenda for Kenya in 2019’ outlined several gaps that ANC feels need to be addressed urgently to make Kenya governable.

“We have steadfastly addressed issues facing our nation, being conscious of our role as a responsible political party in the opposition and as a partner in the National Super Alliance (Nasa) coalition," he said.

"The government responded in some measure to some of our concerns and although the war against corruption is picking up, some matters that we raised in the year remain unattended to and stubborn thorns in the national flesh."

Mr Mudavadi went on to say, “We are hurting. All indicators show that unless we make a deliberate about-turn, we shall continue hurting. The ratio of debt to our GDP will be unmanageable,” he said, citing the big number of listed companies that have issued profit warnings.

“The rate of employment has not improved, businesses are downsizing and SMEs are folding up. Worst of all, the country is in an unsustainable deep debt hole. We have recorded the highest debt in Kenya’s history yet the government continues its unbridled borrowing, without clear focus on the purpose of borrowing or proper accountability on such borrowed funds."


Mr Mudavadi noted that the Constitution says the burdens and benefits of public borrowing shall be shared “equitably between present and future generations”, but said it is unfortunate that Kenya has borrowed to feed the greed and unduly burden future generations.

“It is that bad yet the government has not been sincere on the nature of external loans when it is clear that the dominance of commercial loans is hurting Kenyans. The country is borrowing one loan to repay another; it is basically loan kitting, which is not sustainable,” he said.

He cited the report from the office of the auditor-general, which revealed that the Kenya Ports Authority was offered as collateral for the Sh227 million standard gauge railway loan from China. The Chinese government has refuted the claim.


The ANC boss said, however, that it is sad that Kenya waived its sovereign immunity in arranging for the loan by exposing a strategic national and regional resource.

“What was done in darkness is now coming to light and if this trend continues, Kenya could be auctioned in the long run. We demand full disclosure on the loan status, all agreements and guarantees by the national government and the government’s plan to manage the debt,” he said.

Mr Mudavadi pointed out that many countries have faced challenges worse than Kenya's but have re-emerged.

“But this has only been possible with focused leadership and political goodwill, both of which are lacking in the Jubilee administration,” he said.

He called for an overhaul of the legal and administrative structures of the Public Debt Management Office.

“The office should be autonomous from the National Treasury and its decisions binding upon approval by parliament. In light of the public finance principle of openness, it shall also carry out public participation,” he said.


Mr Mudavadi went on to say that his party welcomed President Kenyatta’s public declaration to fight corruption but asked him to walk the talk and intensify the crackdown through the lifestyle audits he pledged.

“Recently unravelled scandals and corruption are daunting. Are we running a government or a pirates’ paradise? Why would managers of a public utility conspire to paralyse it for self-enrichment?

"Is it that the moral fibre of our society is irrevocably broken or that public duty has been corrupted to the extent that public theft is a reward for being in government?"

The politician said the efforts of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions should not go to waste for fear of the loss of political friends as "it is better to lose such friends and regain the country".

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