President Uhuru Kenyatta was ranked third among the best-performing sub-Saharan African leaders in a survey of presidential job approval ratings conducted by an international pollster.

President Kenyatta received a 78 per cent job approval rating, behind Mali’s President Ibrahim Keita, 86 per cent, and Botswana’s Ian Khama, 81 per cent, in the survey by Gallup.

Most African leaders attending the US-Africa summit this week received more than 50 per cent in their job approval ratings.

President Kenyatta was followed by Cameroon’s long-time president, Paul Biya, at 70 per cent.

“Among leaders who received some of the highest approval ratings in 2013, a few have been in office for more than two decades such as Cameroon's Paul Biya and Uganda's Yoweri Museveni,” stated Gallup.

President Kenyatta was ranked highly among respondents who were 45 years and above.

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