In Summary
  • The President has also announced a fresh war against Shabaab financiers and recruiters.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that security officers will mount sting operation to flush out Al Shabaab operatives in the North Eastern and Coastal regions which have witnessed a spike in terrorist attacks since December.

The Head of State announced the move on Friday as he heralded a fresh war against terror group financiers and recruiters of Al Shabaab.

“We will respond robustly by mounting the operation against the operatives and sleeper cells especially in the North Eastern and Coast. I also expect the officers to use proactive measures in dealing with the attackers,” said Mr Kenyatta during a meeting with security bosses in Mombasa.

The president said key financiers will be listed nationally and internationally in a bid to cripple their operations.

“Illegal deals fund Al Shabaab. I also expect more on dealing with the sponsors and the recruiters,” he added while singling out trade in contraband as a direct contributor to the Somalia-based terror group.

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