In Summary
  • On Thursday, Mr Cohen’s family and Ms Wairimu agreed to bury him privately according to Jewish religious rites at the Jewish cemetery on Wangari Maathai Road in Nairobi at 2pm.
  • Lawyers for Wairimu and the Cohen family, said they had reached a compromise on the issue to allow the deceased to get a decent burial.

The final wishes of the late Dutch businessman Tob Cohen will be read on Saturday at a private event scheduled to be held at his lawyer’s office in Nairobi, ahead of his burial scheduled for Monday.

But his widow, Ms Sarah Wairimu, a suspect in his killing, distanced herself from the event.


“It is evident that the confidential nature of the will you claim to possess, or any others for the matter, has been severely compromised … she does not wish to participate in any related process,” her lawyer Philip Murgor said.

Ms Cohen was referring to a newspaper story that divulged the contents of the document, which has largely been taken to be true because the story has not been disputed. 

Mr Cohen’s will will be read before his sister Gabrielle Van Straten, Mr Bernard Cohen, and lawyer Omari Danstan Mogaka.

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