“All the way from West Nile down to South Uganda, we have naturally endowed women. We need to tell the story about the cultures where these women come from. That is how we shall market our country,” she said.

She added that besides marketing the natural attractions, this will also promote cultural endowments.

Ms Mungoma challenged whoever is against her initiative to point out the negativity in similar contests such as Miss Tourism, Miss Uganda.


The private sector-led initiative, backed by the State Minister for Tourism, Mr Godfrey Kiwanda, kicked up a storm in the country after he reportedly added curvy and sexy Ugandan women to the list of tourism products to attract tourists.

Women activists, as well as political and religious leaders reacted with consternation and others called for resignation of the minister.

While addressing journalists after the Presidential Investors’ Roundtable discussions on Thursday, President Yoweri Museveni said the proposal had not been endorsed by Cabinet.

He added that there was no justification for tourists to come to Uganda to purposely look at beautiful women.

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