Denmark is planning to increase aid to family planning in developing countries in a move aimed at reducing migration to Europe.

According to BBC, Denmark plans to increase funds for contraception to 91million kroner (Sh1.4 billion).

The country’s Minister for Development Co-operation Ulla Tornaes is quoted saying unwanted pregnancies is costly to developing nations and limiting Africa’s population growth is important.

She said at least 225 million women in developing countries do not have access to family planning.

She singled out Africa saying if its population is not controlled, it would double from 1.2 billion people to 2.5 billion people by 2050 and said use of contraceptives would curtail the growth.

"Part of the solution to reducing migratory pressures on Europe is to reduce the very high population growth in many African countries,” she said at a conference in London on Tuesday.

Denmark is one of the EU countries that has been under pressure from a rising number of immigrants arriving in Europe.