Buhari's wife, Aisha left for London last week to be with her husband, her second visit in two months.

The former military ruler in the 1980s, has been dogged by speculation about his health even before the election win in 2015 that brought him to power.

During that campaign, the then-ruling party claimed he was seriously ill with prostate cancer and even put out advertisements insinuating he would die in office.


Buhari rejected the claims as unfounded.

He first sought treatment in London in June last year for what his aides said was a persistent inner ear infection, returning six months later for check-ups that was later said to be "a long period of treatment".

Buhari himself admitted on his return to Abuja in March that he had not been that ill before.

The health of Nigerian leaders has often been an issue.

Nigeria was plunged into months of political turmoil in 2010 after president Umaru Musa Yar'Adua died in office following months of treatment abroad.

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