In Summary
  • The proposed Mamamah International Airport, named after its host community, was being constructed by the China Railway Seventh Group, with funding from China Exim Bank.

Sierra Leone’s new government has finally announced the cancellation of a controversial Chinese airport project sanctioned by its predecessor.

The construction of the $318 million airport, which began earlier this year, was being funded by a Chinese loan, which the government says it cannot afford to repay.

The proposed Mamamah International Airport is located just outside Freetown, designed to replace the current one in the town of Lungi, which is said to be an obstacle to the country’s development due to connectivity difficulties associated with it.

Lungi International Airport is located in the northern part of the country, just outside the capital city. It is separated from Freetown by an estuary which requires a ferry or boat journey to reach the capital.

Traveling from Lungi is tedious and the old government argued that it was affecting tourism and investment.

The new government, however, says the priority was to renovate the present airport and make it viable.

News of the termination of the project was revealed in a letter addressed to the director stopping all contracts relating to the construction.

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