In Summary
  • Armed forces to rule for two years during transition period.
  • Former VP Ahmed Awa Ibn Ouf to lead High Coucil of the Armed Forces.
  • Three-month state of emergency put on place.
  • Elections to be held after transition period.
  • Omar al-Bashir put under house arrest.

After nearly 30 years in power, Sudan president Omar al-Bashir has been ousted and arrested, defence minister says.

Speaking on state TV, in a long awaited announcement, General Awad Ibn Auf said the armed forces have taken over for a two-year transitional period that will be followed by elections.

Mr Auf, a former vice president, has also announced he will head the High Council of Armed Forces, according to Channel 4 journalist Yousra Elbagir.


A three-month state of emergency has also been put in place with curfew set at 10pm.

"I announce as minister of defence the toppling of the regime and detaining its chief in a secure place," Ibnouf said.

Bashir, who ruled with an iron fist since he took power in an Islamist-backed coup in 1989, has been removed after deadly force failed to end four months of nationwide protests for his ouster.

The veteran leader, who swept to power in a 1989 coup, was one of Africa's longest serving presidents. He is wanted on charges of genocide and war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

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