- January 13-16, 2014: Medical checks at Val-de Grace.

- On April 17, 2014 in his first public appearance since May 2012, he voted in the presidential election from a wheelchair. He won despite his health problems.

- November 13-15, 2014: briefly hospitalised in Grenoble in southern France. According to regional newspaper Le Dauphine Libere, he was in a cardio-vascular unit.


- December 3, 2015: Another visit to France for a "short private visit", during which he had "regular medical check-ups".

- April 24-29, 2016: Bouteflika had "regular medical check-ups" in Geneva. His health became a topic for speculation at home after the publication on April 10 of a photograph, tweeted by then French premier Manuel Valls, in which he seemed very weakened.

- November 7-15, 2016: Again in Grenoble for a medical check-up.

- February 20, 2017: His office announced the postponement of a visit to Algeria by German Chancellor Angela Merkel because Bouteflika was "temporarily unavailable" due to "chronic bronchitis".

On May 4 he makes a public appearance to vote -- again in a wheelchair -- at the legislative elections.

From August 27 to September 1, 2018 he undergoes a "routine medical check-up" in Geneva, according to his office. It does not go into details.

On December 3, 2018, his office says he called off a meeting with visiting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman because of "heavy flu".

Bouteflika, whose appearances in public are rare, no longer speaks in public.

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