In Summary
  • Kyle McCarter said that corruption should not be allowed to deprive the Kenyan people of the benefits of a robust economy and democracy.
  • He said Kenyans must never allow differences or pride to compromise unity and stability of the country.


The Donald Trump administration’s priorities for Kenya will be to support the fight against corruption and terrorism.

It also seeks to foster unity among Kenyans while developing projects that focus on sustainability and self-reliance, the incoming US ambassador to Kenya has said.

Speaking to Kenyans living in St. Louis, Missouri on Sunday during church service and dinner reception organised by Kenyans in his honour, Ambassador Kyle McCarter said his duty in Kenya will be to support projects and programmes that empower Kenyans.

“America is a generous country but you have to always ask the question, what am I doing today that will continue if I don’t come back tomorrow. And because we have great respect for the Kenyan people, we are going to invest in them, partner with them so that they can do this on their own,” he said.

Ambassador McCarter, who from time to time spoke to the congregation in Swahili to stress his intimate knowledge of Kenya and its people, said Kenya was a champion of democracy in Africa.


“Kenya is poised to be a shining star of democracy in Africa and the US will continue to be Kenya’s best ally,” the envoy said. 

Ambassador McCarter was recently confirmed by the Senate to succeed Robert F. Godec who served as US ambassador to Kenya since 2012. Godec is one of longest serving US ambassadors to Kenya.

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