In Summary
  • Two of the girls claimed they were accused of being indiscipline and forced out of the school last week.
  • The third one was expelled in second term and has been studying from home.

Three Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidates at Moi Girls’ High School in Eldoret say they were kicked out of the school and will be spending their nights in a lodging during the exam period.

The candidates said they travel to the school from the guest house every morning to do the national exams and go back in the evening.

Two of the girls claimed they were accused of being indisciplined and were expelled last week. The third one said she was sent home in second term.

In an interview with the Nation at the guest house where they are putting up, the students denied that they were indisciplined and accused the school's administration of discriminating against them.

“I was accused of harassing a prefect and now I feel depressed because I feel bad being away from school,” said one of the girls.

The second student said that she was expelled from school during second term and did not attended classes in third term.

“I was expelled because I was found in possession of a fruit knife and was accused of bullying,” she said.

The third girl said she was expelled after bhang was found in her bag.

"I requested for a drug test but the principal could hear none of it. She took me to a police station, accompanied by some teachers and a security guard, where I spent the night.

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