Early this year, the Council of Legal Education stopped the admission of law students from East Africa, especially Uganda, to the Kenya School of Law but the High Court quashed the decision.


CLE chief executive Wanyonyi Kulundu-Bitonye said the decision was arrived at when a procedural error in the admission of foreigners to the school was discovered.

Prof Kulundu-Bitonye said the issue had been discussed at a meeting on legal sector reforms convened by the attorney-general and the department of justice.

However, Uganda Law Society President Francis Gimara protested, saying the move was not consistent with the spirit of liberalisation of legal services in the region.

Uganda students have used the courts to get admission to the law school whenever denied a chance.

The investigation in Uganda is led by former Makerere School of Law dean Damalie Naggitta-Musoke.

Inquiries are being conducted by the Central Examinations, Irregularities and Malpractices Committee.

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