Mathematics and environment have five lessons each, hygiene and nutrition have two, while religious studies has three lessons.

Movement and creative activities has eight lessons, three for creative activities and five for movement activities.

PPI has one lesson and the total number of lessons for all subjects a week is 35.

In special school education, communication, social skills and pre-literacy activities have five lessons, while daily living skills and religious activities, sensory integration, psychomotor and creative activities also have five lessons a week.


Pre-numeracy has two lessons and orientation and mobility skills has three lessons a week, making it 20 lessons per week.

In a circular to TSC county directors, Ms Macharia instructed them to ensure that they have copies of the competency-based curriculum (CBC) designs in each of the learning areas.

“All curriculum support officers are required to utilise this information to assist all the heads of primary schools to prepare timetables for this level and allocate teachers trained on CBC implementation to teach.”

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