Knut want the government to employ more than 90,000 teachers to address the current shortage.

In July, the government has only budget for employment of 5,000 teachers.

In the letter also copied to Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and his Labour counterpart Phyllis Kandie, Mr Sossion cautioned Mrs Macharia against using junior officers to reply to letters addressed to her.

“All these correspondences are replies to demand letters to your office on very weighty matters affecting teachers, issues that require your personal attention and hence our demand for a policy meeting to discuss them,” said Mr Sossion.

He went on: “Our demand for a policy meeting is within our constitutional rights, within the Provisions of the Labour Relations Act and within the provisions of the ILO/UNESCO recommendation of 1966 concerning the status of the teachers and the Collective Bargaining Agreement. These are therefore our irreducible and non-negotiable rights that we cannot request for but demand.”

Mr Sossion said the commission cannot redefine the standard labour relations that have existed between the union and it for years.

“It is arrogant and disrespectful for your office to direct junior staff in your organisation to reply to us in the manner they have done. We expect your own personal engagement with us at all times because of the weighty matters,” said Mr Sossion.

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