In Summary
  • He said he ran away from the scene and returned much later.
  • Justice Wakiaga rejected a plea by the suspects that he releases them on bond.

A newspaper vendor recounted before a Nairobi court how former Kabete MP George Muchai was killed in cold blood.

Mr Ronald Nyangaresi Siango told the High Court that the gunman shot the MP, his driver and bodyguards moments after he sold him newspapers.

He said the shooting lasted a short time and he did not have a good look at the man who was shooting.

Mr Siango said he had just walked to the window of Mr Muchai’s driver to hand him newspapers as usual.


The vendor said a white car stopped in front of Mr Muchai’s vehicle, blocking it.

“I saw the door of the white car open and a man came out brandishing a gun and shot at the driver and the other occupants in the vehicle. He went back to the white car and it sped off,” he said.

He said the car, which blocked Mr Muchai’s vehicle, almost ran over his foot as the driver sped off.

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