“Supporters of both the governor and his opponent, Mr Magwanga, were divided over political differences. A mini poll would have reignited the division further,” Mr Onimo said.

Mr Magwanga’s supporters on the other hand called for a restructure of the cabinet.

Mr Michael Ogalo proposed that the governor should send home some of his executive members who have performed poorly so far.

He also called for dismissal of officials who have been accused of corruption.

“The governor has been silent over a long period of time despite his officials being accused of pocketing pubic funds. It’s time for them to be dismissed,” said Mr Ogalo.

The supporter asked Mr Magwanga to join the governor in running the government.

The former MP told his supporters to give the governor support until the end of his term in office.

“My supporters should let the governor serve till 2022. Give them ample time to do his duties,” he said in a phone interview.

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